AH Policy

AH Policy

Hi! The following is a list of our policies and what they are all about.

The following are some of our most asked about policies and by-laws in Alfred Haenchen Co-op. Upon acceptance, and the signing of your housing agreement, you promise to abide by all Alfred Haenchen Co-op policies and by-laws. At this time you will be provided with an Alfred Haenchen Co-operative Homes Inc. Members handbook with everything you need to know about Alfred Haenchen Co-operative living.

DECORATION AND HOME IMPROVEMENT - No structural changes can be made to the unit unless prior written approval is given from the Board of Directors. Structural improvements must remain. Paint and wall paper (decorating) must be returned to the original condition upon move out, unless the new member agrees to take over the unit in its existing state. This is at your own expense. No reimbursement.

FRIDGE FACTS - This flyer is sent out at the first of every month with dates for all the committee meetings, general members meeting and the Annual General Meeting and special events. On the backside of the Fridge Facts is up to date information. It is a reminder of the good things happening in the co-op.

FENCES - There is no hanging of clothes lines or clothing on fences. The member must maintain and keep in good repair, the existing fences associated with their unit. Members can erect an additional privacy fence at their own expense, upon approval from the Board of Directors. It must follow pattern of the existing fences. No reimbursement.

GARBAGE AND REFUSE - Members will pack garbage and recyclable waste in appropriate manner and put at the end of their driveway the morning of collection day. Tuesday morning pickup is for garbage. Wednesday morning pickup is for recyclables. After collection, members are to put their blue boxes and garbage containers in their garage out of sight.

LANDSCAPING - Members are responsible for the general upkeep associated with their unit. This includes mowing the front lawn, taking care of the planting bed beside the front steps, mowing of the back yard lawn, and side lawn. They must also keep their backyard patio free of weeds and grass. The lawn care equipment is owned by the co-op and is kept between unit #22 - 23 in the new white tool shed. The garage is open during the day. Members may borrow this equipment, (lawn mowers and weed trimmers) and are expected to return the equipment in an undamaged condition immediately when they are done, so other members can use them. Remember, this is your home. The Landscaping committee takes care of the common areas of the co­op and the equipment.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR - Members are responsible for keeping the inside of their units neat and clean, and in good repair. Treat your unit as if you owned it. Take care of any minor repairs and maintenance that any home would require. Any damage done to the unit (inside or outside) whether by member or visitor, the member must repair at his or her own expense. Now and again a problem may arise, one that you do not have the skills to deal with, call the Maintenance Committee, so help can be obtained. Trades people are called in for major repairs or emergencies.

MEETINGS - All members are to attend the committee meetings that they signed up for, the General Members Meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

PARTICIPATION - All members must participate in the activities of the Co-op., according to your signed housing agreement. It also helps to keep you informed of the operation of Alfred Haenchen. This includes - participating at meetings, participating in any special events that the different committee's organize. This is your home. Don't be shy. Take pride in living here. The more people who participate, the less the work, the more fun we have. It is a great way to meet others in this community.

PET OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL - A limit of 2 animals shall be kept as household pets. Members are not allowed to keep vicious animals. Pet owners must not permit their pets to create a disturbance to any other members. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Cat owners must provide indoor facilities for their cats. Members must poop and scoop their animal's feces.

SATELLITE DISH - Satellites dishes are permitted, but you must inform the office. No satellite dish is to be put on the roof or fences. Designated spots have been chosen for the attachment of the satellite to the brick wall, depending on your location. Please call the office and talk with Ashwani for more info.

VEHICLE CONTROL - Members may park only such vehicles as fit with the space assigned to the unit. There will be one vehicle in the driveway and one vehicle in the garage. No derelict vehicles may be stored on the property. Member's vehicles may not be parked in visitors parking. Members may not park in any internal roads. These are designated as fire routes. Continuous or any violation will result in ticketing. We have very limited visitors parking. Any additional vehicles will have to be parked off the property of Alfred Haenchen Co-op. No vehicles are permitted to park in the vistor parking between 2am to 6am without a valid permit from the office and will be ticketed or towed at the owners expense.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CO-OPERATION IN THESE MATTERS - Remember, the by-laws and policies are in place so all members of Alfred Haenchen Co-operative Homes can live and participate, in a harmonious, loving and safe community; by having respect for all members, the property, by-laws and policies.