AH Manager

Meet the Manager

Ashwani Mehta - General Manager

Ashwani has been the Manager of Alfred Haenchen Co-op. As the General Manager of the Co-op, Ashwani's responsibilities are:

Property Management -Ashwani is responsible for the management of all co-op property. This includes making sure that the necessary repairs are done with the help of Maintenance Committee and Maintenance person.

Supervision of Staff -Ashwani is responsible for the supervision of all Alfred Haenchen Co-op staff, both permanent and temporary. He advises and helps the Board hire and supervise temporary staff like the Day Camp Coordinator and leaders for the Alfred Haenchen Co-op Summer Day camp.

General Administration -Ashwani is in-charge of the general day to day administration of the Co-op. His duties in this area include ensuring that the legal and corporate obligations of the co-op are met, acting as agent of the Board of Directors in implementing Board decisions, and overseeing budgetary, financial and investment decisions in conjunction with the Board and Finance Committees.