AH Committees

Alfred Haenchen Committee Information

Hi! The following is a list of our ongoing committee and what they are all about.

Maintenance Committee - The members of this committee, look after fixing problems inside any of the units. They are the people who receive the work orders, and fix or repair the problems. Even if you haven1t much skill with tools, you can always assist with the minutes, flyers, unit inspections, cleaning empty units, and much more. It is a hands on committee!

Landscaping Committee - Outside! Fresh air! This group looks after the maintaining of the grass, trees, etc., they organize the fertilizing, mowing, plowing, planting, mulching of the common areas around the co-op. If you have a green thumb or like the outdoors, this is for you.

Newsletter Committee - "HAENCHEN HAPPENINGS" a monthly paper, is put together and sent to all members with your help. We all can submit the material—such as poems, anything about pets, recipes, garden tips, Anniversaries, Announcements, new faces etc.. anything you wish to contribute! Very informative reading.

Member Selection Committee - Member Selection organizes all the information about prospective new members, and conducts the interviews, (like the one you will attend). A unique aspect in the co-op way of living.

Social Committee - Fun and enjoyable events are planned and put together for everyone to have a good time. Come on out for card nights, barbeques, and other social activities etc.. in which we neighbours can get together.

Welcoming Committee - Shortly after the new members have settled in, members from this committee will be around to personally welcome you to Alfred Haenchen Co-operative Homes. A friendly hello! YOUNG PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE - This is for the kids! Encourage your children to attend this committee, and they will meet other co-op kids, enjoy events such as movie nights, fire-works, etc.. fun for all.

Finance Committee - Figures and numbers! This committee looks after all the budgeting for the co-op, and enforces the spending and arrears policies, among other things.

Candidate's Meeting - If you are interested in running for our Board of Directors, there is a Candidates meeting held before election time every year. This gives you an opportunity to let us,(the members) meet you, and learn more about why you wish to become a member of our Board of Directors.

Board Of Directors - The business of the co-op is conducted under the management and direction of the Board of Directors. They look after the legal and financial obligations of the co-op and much more. The Board of Directors is elected yearly by the members of the co-op. If you are interested in what goes on at Board Meetings, it is every members right to attend a meeting as a spectator—once you experience this, you may decide you want to run for election.