About AH

Alfred Haenchen Co-op Homes Inc.

The Alfred Haenchen Co-op is run by its members, for its members. Decisions about the co-op's operations are made either directly by the members at general meetings or by the board of directors elected each year by the members to oversee the daily business of the co-op. Member committees direct many of the routine operations of the co-op such as building and landscape maintenance.

Individual members do not buy the unit they occupy, but after moving into a unit assigned to them they may consider it to be their home and may stay as long as they meet their financial and membership obligations to the co-op. Members are expected in return to contribute some of their time and expertise for running the co-op.

One of the primary advantages of co-operative housing is the sense of community that is created in the co-op. In many ways, co-op living is more like life in a small village than a typical townhouse development. Privacy is respected, but new members can expect to be on close terms with most of their neighbours and to meet a lot of new friends in the process.

Members have first priority for moves within the co-op in case family housing requirements change or for some other reason the member wishes to move. Members leaving the co-op are required to provide appropriate notice.